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I have hundreds of stories to tell, but all my beginnings stalled out after a few chapters. While reading on the internet one day, I found a site that featured one-hundred word stories. I thought, “I can write one-hundred word stories—easy,” but I was wrong. Writing only one hundred words is a lot harder than writing a thousand words.

If you want to write a one-hundred word story, you must cut away all the fat, most of the meat, and expose the bones of the story. Then you shine the bones.

Glove Box Stories
evolved when I thought that a collection of these short stories would make a good book to keep in the car. The idea was that in a moment or two of waiting time, you could reach into the glove box, pull out the book, and read a short story. Not all of the Glove Box Stories are one-hundred words, some are a longer, and some are over one thousand words, but all can be read quickly.

Glove Box Stories exist only on-line. But the concept is the same. Stop by here when you have just a moment to read.

Deborah Hendrick

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