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Deborah Hendrick on Saturday, June 21st, 2008

The genesis of Glove Box Stories began in February 2005, when my husband gave me a domain as a birthday present, Imagine! My own domain, and I had no idea what to do with it. I tried blogging, but I didn’t have the heart for it. languished until February 2006, when I started writing Glove Box Stories. Forty-eight short stories later, I stopped writing to devote my energies to another endeavor, and my last posting here was January 21, 2007.

In the eighteen months since, much has changed. My husband and I started a business, an online flag store—Flags Bay—and we moved. Previously we lived in San Leon, Texas, on Galveston Bay, and now we live on Canyon Lake, a resort area on the southern edge of the Texas Hill Country.

The Daily Flag is an adjunct website to Flags Bay. At The Daily Flag, I write about flags, flag etiquette and protocol, flags on postage stamps, the Boy Scouts, and anything else that interests me. I love writing at The Daily Flag, but I’ve missed the adventure that comes with writing fiction, and I am ready to write at Glove Box Stories again.

Glove Box Stories has a new look. Convinced (finally) by my husband, that a smart new theme would let him do the things I wanted, I chose RockinBizRed 2.0 by Nathan Rice. And as long as I was changing to a new WordPress theme, I knew I wanted to use a photograph of an open glove box in the header.

Aj Martin Bocola—Marty—of Automania in New Braunfels, Texas, gave Larry and me the run of the showroom, which was filled with gorgeous vintage automobiles. Choosing among the photographs that Larry took was a hard decision, but I kept coming back to the dashboard shown above—from a 1956 Chevrolet—which Larry tweaked a bit at my request.

So I’m back. To kick things off for Glove Box Stories, here are five new stories, which I shall post two hours apart. After this, I plan to post at least one new story a week, maybe more. Enjoy!

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