The Mission: Homecoming (part 18)

Deborah Hendrick on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Larry Gregg brought home two surprises for Ginny. The first was Elijah, who hitched a ride with the Admiral on a transport out of Langley AFB to Ellington Field. Ginny didn’t spot Elijah right away; she was busy hugging her father, who spun her round and round, then stopped her right in front of Elijah and gently turned her around to face him. She promptly burst into tears.

Then the Admiral hugged and kissed his wife, who looked tanned and rested and more beautiful than ever, with tears running down her cheeks. Never in his life had he missed her more than over the past six weeks.

They took Elijah to his parents house, where he surprised his mother who was busy baking pies for Thanksgiving. Soon all three women were crying.

“Do you suppose, Sir,” said Elijah to the Admiral, “that the entire holiday will be awash in tears? Do you go through this every time?”

“It is not usually this soggy, Cap. Madden,” said the Admiral, “but these are unusual times. However, I learned a long time ago to always carry a handkerchief, and it’s a good thing,” as he handed the hankie to his wife, while Ginny and Sandy shared a dish towel.


When things settled down that evening, and Ginny was dressed up, waiting for Elijah to arrive for their date, her father called to her, “Ginny? Have you thought about how you’re going to wear your hair at your wedding ceremony?”

“I haven’t decided on a veil or not, so no, I don’t know how I’ll wear my hair. Why?” said Ginny.

“This is for you,” he said, handing her a very old, small leather chest. She opened it, and there nestled inside the pale blue silk, was a diamond and pearl tiara.

“Dad! she gasped, “Where did you find such a thing, It’s beautiful. Mom—it’s covered in dragonflies. Was it made by fairies? I’ve never seen anything so delicate and beautiful.

Larry smiled and winked at his wife. “Here Ginny,” said her mother, “Let me put it on you so your Dad can see.”

“Oh this is perfect Dad. It must have cost a fortune—you shouldn’t have,” said Ginny.

“Ah. I am reliably informed by your mother that you saved me a small fortune when you bought your own wedding dress some years ago. But I didn’t start out looking for a tiara. I went into the shop to find these for your mother.” With that, he conjured another box and gave it to Georgina.

“Larry! Oh Larry, What beautiful rubies. Let me put them on.” So Georgina pulled the diamond studs out of her ears, and tried on the large deep red ruby drops, encircled with seed pearls and set into rich filigreed gold. “Ginny!” she shouted with a laugh, “let’s check the rest of his pockets.”

“No no. That’s all. But I promise to take you back to the jewelry store, Georgina. It’s like a candy shop for women. All vintage and estate jewelry, with a little vintage proprietor. His English was not so good, and my French is deplorable, but we managed. He’d only recently acquired the earrings and the tiara. If I’d waited a day, I’d probably have missed them.”

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John Says:
December 28th, 2006 at 11:44 am

I just finished reading the entire story and have got to tell you that you have made my day! What a great story line, and told so well. You have a wonderful talent and I cannot wait to read more of it. Thank you and please have a wonderful holiday and prosperous New Year.


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